Numbers are powerful. It has divinity. Each and every number has in it a peculiar electromagnetic power which shapes the events in ones life. Numerology is a science of numbers which reveal their immense potentialities over individuals and names be it company names, brand names, individual names, product names, city names etc. etc. Numbers govern us and our everyday activities. Numerology is one of the olden sciences known to man.

Your name is not an accident : One will notice that how a particular name fits a person perfectly. Try calling that person by some other name and you will notice that there is disharmony with the psychic’s vibrations. Similarly, if we work out a name as per the Nakshatras and raashis, then the natives will benefit more in life. I have been working on the names of my clients and thereby making them fortunate and lucky. If, we were to have a strong names for the new born baby then I am sure they would benefit immensely as the name vibrations will be very strong by the time they are adult. I have done enough research on almost all Indian names and surnames that I can for sure prove how a particular  name can bring ill-luck, accidents, ill-health, litigations and delay in marriage or job, losses in business etc. You will be amazed to know how the vibrations of the names can be explained by a scientific calculation of the Numbers. Numbers govern us, what happens to us in our life, the relationships, our health, wealth, finance, thinking process etc. One will be shocked to know all these. Hence, it is very essential for individuals to know these numbers, its positive and negative sides and act accordingly.

A positive and strong name vibrations help one and all, be it individuals, new born babies, Film Titles, Serial Titles, Building Names, Brand Names, Mall Names, Business Names, City Names etc. We are all governed by Numbers and it is very important for us to know these numbers, which can change our lives.

Your name is your Mantra and hence it is essential for all natives to work out this Mantra. Why take chance with your life, when you have a master numerologist to work out for you, your family and your businesses, a potent vibration and also guide you in many other aspects such as lucky numbers for your Cell, flat, office, telephone, bank account, fortunate dates, fortunate periods in life etc.

Individuals with disharmony in name(s) suffer more than individuals with the strong and vibrant names. I have seen thousands of instances where individuals have lost everything in life because of the negative vibrations in the name or surname. Health gets affected, diseases are contracted, misunderstanding takes place between spouses, relations, partners, friends etc. I have seen people with short life because of the name vibrations. It is beyond the scope of individuals with limited knowledge on this science to understand its true power.

Names like Ajay, Akshay, Altamesh, Althamesh, Anju, Anubhav, Asif, Barkha, Govind, Gobind, Gopal, Jayant, Kanchan, Kumud, Divya, Dhanya, Farhan, Gandhari, Gauri, Gayatri, Hannah, Harbir, Himani, Imran, Ira, Jackie, Jaya, Javed, Lisa, Meenakshi, Minakshi, Meenakshi, Pallavika, Priya, Priyadarshini, Preksha, Pushpa, Raj, Ria, Rita, Ritu, Ratrika, Sabina, Sachi, Sandip, Sandeep, Shivani, Shital, Sheetal, Smita, Tara, Tulip, Vicky, Vidya, Viral etc etc come under certain vibrations (malefic numbers). If these natives find something unusual happenings in their personal life then remember, it could be due to the name vibrations. These names come under the influence of malefic planets and have the power of disturbing the mental frame of mind, luck factor and also it has the ability to give ill-health to the natives. Similarly, there are thousands of names and various combinations of improper name vibrations. I strongly recommend to the parents of new born, not to keep the names with the above spellings and to always do a name check before naming ceremony. A small step taken at the time of naming ceremony can go a long way in the development of the child’s future.

I have cured several cases of clients who were complaining of headaches, backaches, and epilepsy, mental disturbance cases etc and the result (without medicine) is astounding. One has to try to see the result.

Names like Amit, Anil, Aadil, Agha, Asha, Karishma, Ravi, Raju, Urja, Vijay come on a Sun number. They have intense positive energy. They are fortunate and lucky names.

Well, these are the first names only and used for representations only. Vibrations are checked on the complete name with date of birth / destiny numbers. Before allotting new name vibrations, utmost care has to be taken.

By numerically working out the spellings and bringing positive vibrations in the names, these individuals can benefit a lot. No wonder, we see in our day to day life, natives who have slightly altered the spellings in their name have started benefiting. This is one way of changing the vibrations. I believe in positive name vibrations and its importance because, we carry ourselves everywhere and thus our vibrations is always with us. A person with good name vibrations also does good karmas in life. S(he) is asset to the society, family and friends. They start doing well. Of-course, hard work is very much essential without which success is difficult.

Suniiel Naik