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"Numbers" form an important aspect of life. Numbers govern an individual right from the moment s/he is born and remain active throughout the life. A native’s mental capacity, education, profession, family and other incidents in life are influenced by the birth number. It is very powerful up to the age of 35-40 years of life; thereafter the destiny number becomes active. The destiny number is the sum of the date, month and year of birth i.e. 14/09/1973 which adds up to 34 and 3 + 4 finally comes to 7. Hence, the destiny number is 7 in this case.

We are given a Name by our parents and this Name number also remains active throughout our life. The birth number never loses its importance. It can however be influenced by changing one’s Name Number. Adding the new surname to the maiden name of the woman creates harmony with the husband in the family name. Consequently on addition of the new Name (surname in this case), the woman can bring good luck to self and family if the change comes on a good, harmonious and potent Name Number. She will do well in her personal life as well. The addition can change the woman’s luck positively and bring desired harmony. However, sometimes this addition can create disharmony in the personal, business and marital relationships causing hardship to self and others. It is therefore strongly advised to check the proposed name numbers to bring good luck and make one fortunate. A small step goes a long way in saving many lives in the future. In case of non-compatibility, it is very easy to rectify this situation by addition of an alphabet or altering the spellings as per the date of birth and destiny number and bringing more harmony and good luck. The same rule goes for the original name of an individual where one can easily relate to the events in one’s life. If one notices that there is always something unusual happening, like things not happening at the last moment, difficulty in concentration, ill-health, accidents, operations, delay in marriage, lack of good openings in-spite of good qualifications, loss in business, stalled promotions, hurdles in overseas trips etc. There are many such incidents one has to face in life. These depend upon person to person. Many a time, these people are unable to figure out the reason for such misfortunes. The imminent question here is, Why me? What have I done wrong?

What is the effect of changing one's name or spelling?

The effect of changing one’s name or the spelling can be considered depending upon the present name, its effect, and the date of birth. When one changes the name or the spelling, the effect can be felt in a subtle way from the day one starts the changes. It is important to write the changed spelling, the number of times depending upon the present name potency. The reason for this is that the new spelling needs to be fully integrated in one’s subconscious. Many clients have confirmed that no sooner have they started with the new spellings, many of their health related issues have been addressed. One can achieve peace with a fortunate name number. I know the power of numbers and how with a slight change in the spellings and bringing one’s name on the powerful name number, one can even escape many diseases, and lead a healthy life.

With a slight rectification in the name spellings, one can easily change the ill luck associated with the name. Further, one can take the benefits of the planets by wearing the appropriate Stones/Gems and balance the life.

Thousands of my clients have benefited. The numbers are increasing day by day and I am quite happy for all of them. Hard work together with the above unbeatable combination will see success smiling on them.


I gave the name rectification to Rushita in 2003 and since then she has not looked back. Rushita’s name was coming on an unfortunate name number. Education would have suffered and personal growth was seldom to her existing name. I changed her spelling to "Rushitaa V Pandyaa". After the change, she has not looked back. She has done the main lead in the Hindi Movie, "Dost- My best friend" with Sanjay Dutt in 2005. She is also playing a jr. Vidyabalan in a film "Parineeta". She has also worked in "Kidnap".

Rushitaa has also done more than 125 commercial ads till November 2008. Some of the ads she has shot for are Tata Indicom, US frozen fruits (ad to be published in the US), LG Vaccum cleaner, Nirma, Britannia Treat, Mayfair Sweets (for Pakistan), KVBank Chennai, Mothers’ receipe, Nestle Milk-maid, Clinic plus, Pantaloon, Pears soap, Alpenlebe, Asian paints and a lot more. She is also doing the voice over for not only for her own films and ads but even for the other films and ads. She has done voice over for ads like Tide, Chatarbattar, chic powder (Chennai), Asian Paints, etc.

Aanjjan Srivastav

Anjan Srivastavaji met me in 2004. I explained to him that how he was not getting the benefit from his name inspite of being one of the finest actors. After the end of our session, Anjanji was quite convinced and told me that he would use the new name option at once. Today, he is using his new name option “Aanjjan Srivastav”. He is doing quite well after the change.

Leekha R Raane (Model and Actress )

Lekha Rane sought my consultation in Oct 2004. I suggested a change in the name to suit her name number. She carried out the corrections in her day to day life and has ever since benefited tremendously. She is a budding Actress and a Model. She has already featured in a Movie. After the change in her name, offers have been pouring in for her.

Number of famous personalities like Nandita Thaakur of (Kasuati Zindagi Ki), film actress Mink Brar, Reema Sen, Punarnava, Neha, Poonam Sengar (South Indian Actress), Gujarati Stage and film actress Gopi Desai, Producers and Film Makers like Bubby Kent, Jeetendra Kumar, Sudhakar Bokade, Neeraj Phatak, Suresh K Grover, Cinematographer Surendra Rao, Cricketer Nishit Shetty, SheetalArch group, The Dalmia Resorts, The Corinthian Resorts of Pune, are some of the few who have consulted him in the past.