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Sr.No. Service Fees
1. Working of strong and fortunate Name based on the date of Birth of the Native Fees
2. Lucky Numbers, Colours, Periods, etc Fees
3. Study of Career/Profession Fees
4. Marriage and its match with the partner's date and horoscope. Fees
5. Fortunate Car Numbers/Flat Numbers/Bank account numbers Fees
6. Certified natural gem or semi precious stones based on your current planetary transits  
7. Prepartion of Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology (125 pages In PDF format) Fees
8. Study of Horoscope Fees
9. Working out a strong and vibrant Name or Brand name for Business. Fees
10. Matching the staff birth date/horoscope for obtaining maximum benefits to the organisation. Fees upon request
11. Personal Consultation (60 Minutes) Fees