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Numerology-cum-Astro Consultation Live through phone or online-chat media:

Tele-counseling is a specialized service keeping in view of the need for a personal interaction with you. This service is in great demand as the same is available at a reasonable short notice. Using this service, you can have live consultation on telephone or Chat through online media from your Computer, with the Astro-Numerologist Sri Suniiel Naik and seek his guidance related to any area. Suniielji has the healing abilities and one can immensely benefit from his counseling and guidance. He has treated several cases of depression, loss of memory/confidence, health related, marriage issues, delayed marriages, career/profession related etc. with his healing abilities. You can ask questions as per the options chosen. A time is set and communicated to you as per the availability of Sri Suniielji, but preferably within 3 to 4 days from the deposit of the fees. A contact number would be provided to you where Sri Suniielji would be able to speak directly with you at a designated time. If you select the online media through Chat, then the time allotted would be double than the allotted time on phone.


This service is with our mutual consent at the shortest available time. One can discuss his or her problems and ask any number of questions in the stipulated and allotted time-frame. The interaction will be purely for the guidance and well-being of the natives.


You can choose any of the following options:

Astro- Numerology consultation Live (15 Minutes) Rs.3000/- BD 30
Astro-Numerology consultation Live (30 Minutes) Rs.5000/- BD 42