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Testimonial of a client from London August 03, 2010.

Suniiel was introduced to me via a Business Partner whom I use in Mumbai.

After a few years of said client watching me go through some great times but also some very difficult times that seemed for no reason to “linger”, I was given an introduction to Suniiel via email.

Suniiel worked on and presented me with an overview of my life and personality without knowing anything about me except for my date, time and whereabouts of birth.  I can honestly say, nobody has ever had my personality and life experiences down to perfection as Suniiel – he saw immediately why the things that had been happening have indeed occurred, it was honestly like somebody reading the “Biography of my Life” back to me.

Since our first “email meeting” I have taken guidance on things that were occurring and needed addressing around me in small steps and I am astounded how things have been turned around in a matter of weeks – believe me there was a lot to adjust.

I will never loose contact now with this man, he is part of my day to day thoughts and how I live my life which has been transformed 150%.

I am excited about my future and know that Suniiel is next to me making all the best things come my way that I truly desire and wish for.

Life if amazing now….

A. Wallace

Mr Ahmed N Khan, Mumbai, 10th Dec 2006.
Its a long over due thank you for the personal consultancy provided according to ur directions i now use my name as Ahmed N KHAN and this has given me tremendous result , i met u in the month of Dec , 05 and u suggested me the change and right in the month og Feb 06 my promotion came through. Not only this my financial worries are also slightly eased and i am now more at ease and confidence in life. Also as suggested by you my son has been named Arhan ( DOB 13th Nov 05 ) and he is truely a marvelous kid and enjoys great health ( mashaalllah)

My DOB is 28/03/1971 would appreciate if you could keep me posted for the developments for the next year too .
My wife Sharmistha also joins me in sending you our regards and thanks
Rani Boazz, Bombay August 09, 2005.

I am a Senior Associate, heading the Bombay office of the largest Intellectual Property law firm in India.

I met with Suniiel Naik in the latter half of the year 2003 and it was a fascinating experience as I was able to understand how numbers truly work in your overall picture. I have seen several venues that allow us an opportunity to connect with our higher selves and I think that Numerology is by far one of the most remarkable avenues to realizing where you are, where you are going.

Using a truly supportive, intuitive, accurate and knowledgeable approach Suniiel Naik has been able to provide me with clarity, insight, wisdom and perspective in ways that has made an incredible difference in my life. The insight and advise I received to change my name spelling helped me to appreciate who I am, focus on my strengths and feel more empowered about the direction and purpose of my life. It was especially useful that Suniiel Naik ran reports on the different name- spelling and their impact on my life. The name change has given me a positive high professionally and personally.

Suniiel Naik has a special gift for helping people and it is highly recommended that a person wishing to have a chart / reading, should have a personal session with Mr. Naik as his personalised input is invaluable. I am grateful to the difference he has made in my life and will continue to make with others.

Best Regards

Ms Sneha Bhatt, Mumbai, March 15, 2004.

I am writing this mail to acknowledge the effect of numbers in my life. Three months ago when I was reading Ontrack Suburbs, I stumbled upon your article. Not the one to be taken in by mere words and claims, I decided to try the science of numerology myself. This was propelled by the fact that I was going through low ebb in my professional life and looking for a pacifier and maybe an explanation. Nothing I was doing was giving me the satisfaction and result that I was desirous of. I contacted you, we met and I must admit, you were very comforting and reassuring. You explained to me with the help of imminent examples how my name was totaling to a number, which was causing hindrance in my life. Being a complete novice in the area, I responded with full faith to your theory. You suggested a correction as to how my name should be written. I followed that correction with complete commitment. I wrote my new name (arranged differently) that many times as many days as I’ve been on this planet. And I also continue doing so to this day.

The effect that has come about is noticeable. I have been facing less obstacles in my path. I've being introduced to people who have been affecting my life for the better, opportunities have been coming my way and also fructifying themselves. The future looks bright. (whether I should give numerology the complete credit of this change, or should I say it’s a play of destiny, or a combination of both coupled with my own efforts and attempts) Its been a good start, well begun, they say is half done. I have faith in the science, I don’t ask questions and with child-like innocence follow the instructions of the expert, which is you.

At this point in time I cannot certainly say that there has been a significant change due to the name number correction, but yes, there has been a shift, which has paved the way for a brilliant tomarrow.

All the best,